Wide selection of body jewelry available for from new monster steel, silverfish, parts & more.  We hope to eventually get a piercer on staff but for now simply sell the parts.



In-house production of professional (water applied) temporary tattoos.  Pick your images & we'll print them as pre-cut, full color, custom and high quality temps.  They're affordable & capable of huge things when the right occasion comes up.  From sports moms to business logos, a little creativity goes a long way!

From printed stickers to airbrushing, sharpie to paint, from henna to markers....temp tatts have their purpose!
acrylic freehand temp tatt copy of dad's
even the dolls get benchtime when the sharpies come out
in house printed "pro" water applied temp tatts of pretty much anything
freehand acrylic temps on the spot
Smaller acrylic freehands typically last about 2 to 3 days
quick sharpie jobs have a habbit of looking alot like and old but "real" tattoos (for a day er so)
Laser color printed / water applied pro transfer sheets up to 8x11 of anything
Water applied color temp tatts of company logos, marketing graphics and more
Sharpie marker "thoughts" drawn freehand on top or next to any existing tattoos
Our temp tatts have even made it to the Secretary of the Interior's desk at the White House

 A 3x 2 temp tatt was designed by Marcus for large distribution in a lite political movement started to save a local lighthouse...and the things actually made it to the desk of president obama by the time it was all said and done.  From sec of interior to congressman larson on over the senator maria cantwell...the design passed from our shop literally to the whitehouse.

Our shops Temp Tatts in use at WA congressional offices
design sketches and drawings of temp tatt used for local monument preservation movement
over 1000 were printed and distributed for "the cause"
misc lighthouse temptatt press
Created by Marcus D Justiss of AOD Tattoos