A few from the shop..

We use a variety of machines from old school, steel framed, heavy coil guns to a selection of modern, state of the art rotary machines. Engineering grade digital power supplies with separate amperage & current controls for delicate and precise control.  Needle sets are single use, hard steel, all head types from single rounds to 18ultraMags.  Tubes are single use, hard polymer, precision tip sets, rubber gripped in all available selections.

State of the art digital and analog design workstation.  We can digitize and edit images from almost any format or origin ranging from.... Scanned photos, internet downloads, flash books, hand drawn illustrations, books art, phone pics, movie still frames, and more.   We also provide custom in-house drawings and designs based on simple or detailed descriptions from the clients.

Once the image is digitized, it is edited, scaled, and printed via thermal hectograph transfer for use as the tattoo applications "map" if you will.
This is the rotating sketch wall of original dwgs for making transfers
Rotating wall of completed tattoos given based on the sketch wall
Workstation for scanning, scaling, printing, and making of thermal hectograph transfers
Tattoo Soul and Mechanized Rising Benches
Elevating Barbers Chair, Arm Rests and Stools
Inverted Massage Chair for comfortable access to the back
Custom phoenix design for multiple coverups
Newlyweds / honeymoon 1st tatts
Custom phoenixes / covering multiple old school tatts
Created by Marcus D Justiss of AOD Tattoos