We now offer in house custom Tshirt design and pressing.  We use thermal color laser transfers, poly prints, precision cut vinyls, and die sublimation in combination with industrial heat pressing.  Multi color prints, any styles of script & text, complex graphics and more... Cotton to polyester, jersies, hats and more...pressing most anything.

We have an inventory of pre pressed custom tshirts as well as blank aparell for pressing designs specific to the moment.  

THE "Concept"... (Not for sale / just a demo)
Thermal color laser transfer - cut, sized & press ready
Finished product! (Again - not for sale / demo only)
Full Color to lightfabrics
Pure white on dark fabrics
Vibrant vinyl on anything
Die sub full color on polyester
Opaque full color on dark fabrics
Die sub on hats, totes, mugs, & mousepads

More to come / entire site under construction

 We specialize in pressing your actual tattoos to shirts matching size, location, colors and more.  Even when you're covered - you wont be hiding your tatts anymore!

Created by Marcus D Justiss of AOD Tattoos